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10 February 2015

Elastic Beanstalk: Pain err… Platform as as Service

You can simply pipe the output to a log file and tail it during deployment:

commands: 01-install-git: command: “yum install -y git &» /tmp/deploy.log” 02-install-nodejs-npm: command: “yum install -y –enablerepo=epel nodejs npm &» /tmp/deploy.log” 03-install-grunt: command: “npm install -g grunt-cli &» /tmp/deploy.log” 04-install-coffee: command: “npm install -g coffee-script &» /tmp/deploy.log” 05-install-bower: command: “npm install -g bower &» /tmp/deploy.log” container_commands: 01_grunt: command: “export PATH=$PATH; grunt prod &» /tmp/deploy.log”

It’s in the /tmp/deployment/application folder during deployment and the moved to /var/app/current afterward.

In case you search them, the node logs are in /var/log/nodejs/nodejs.log and the application will bind to 8081 no matter what PORT environment variable you set in the Environment Variables in the console.

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